Euclidean Distance Geometry

Point cloud recovery from partial pairwise distances

In the applied sciences, a common measurement to make is the distance between objects, such as the distance between sensors in a network or the distance between atoms in a protein. A collection of distances contains a lot of powerful information; namely, if in a point cloud of \(n\) objects in \(d\) dimensions I know every distance between pairs of points, I can reconstruct the underlying object (up to translation/rotation.) The problem becomes considerably more interesting with access to only a few distances.

More mathematically, consider a set of vectors \(\{\mathbf{p}_k\}_{k=1}^n \subset \mathbb{R}^d\). From these vectors we can construct a matrix \(\mathbf{P} = [\mathbf{p}_1 ... \mathbf{p}_n]^T\in\mathbb{R}^{n\times d}\). We seek to recover this matrix from entries of the squared distance matrix \(\mathbf{D} = [d_{ij}^2]= \Vert \mathbf{p}_i - \mathbf{p}_j\Vert_2^2\).

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  1. Riemannian Optimization for Euclidean Distance Geometry
    In OPT-ML, 2023